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Nylige oppdateringer

  • You can share assignments, modules, quizzes, pages, and discussions in Canvas to Commons.

    To modify an existing shared resource, learn how to update a resource previously shared to Commons.


    • The steps in this lesson are similar for sharing assignments, modules, quizzes, pages, or discussions. The differences include opening the feature from Course Navigation and using the Settings icon on Index and Details pages. The images in this lesson illustrate how to share an assignment to Commons.
    • To enable Commons in your Canvas instance, please contact your Customer Success Manager.
    • Commons is available in all Free for Teacher (FFT) accounts. Free for Teacher users are limited to finding, importing, and sharing public resources.
    • The file size limit for uploaded content is 500mb.
  • There are different icons on the Grades page. Depending on the type of assignment submission, grading rules, and comments, you will see different icons.

  • Canvas has a simple, yet powerful, content editor that is available anytime for creating new content. The Rich Content Editor is used in features that support the editor (Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Quizzes, or Syllabus).

    Although clean and streamlined, the Rich Content Editor is sophisticated enough to support embedding any video content, math formula, and other rich media.

    View a video about the Rich Content Editor.

    Note: Configured External (LTI) Tools may create additional buttons in the Rich Content Editor.

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    Hva er Læringsmål?

    Outcomes allow the administration and faculty to track mastery in a course. Users can import Account, State, and Common Core Standards into an account and course.

  • As an instructor, you can create a new page to add to your course.

    When creating pages, you can set page permissions as to who can edit the page: instructors (teachers), instructors and students, or anyone.

  • As an instructor, you can create, edit, and delete rubrics in your course. Rubrics are used as grading criteria for students and can be added to assignments, quizzes, and graded discussions.


    • Rubrics cannot be edited once they have been added to more than one assignment.
    • When you delete a rubric, any course assignment currently associated with the rubric will still have access to the rubric, but it will no longer be available for future assignments in the Rubrics list.
  • New Canvas users may encounter new terminology throughout Canvas. This lesson is a glossary that identifies the most common terms used in Canvas.

  • Canvas is continually creating new features to improve your user experience. The majority of improvements will be made available as part of our regular release cycle. However, some features may affect your personal interaction with Canvas.

    This lesson gives an overview of how to manage user-level feature options for your user account. You have no control over user-level features.

    To view specific feature options available in Canvas, visit the user account features lesson.