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  • The Public Course Index allows all users within an institution to publicly view the institution’s course index in a catalog format. You can view a link to the Public Course Index on the My Courses page.

    Note: The Public Course Index is currently an account opt-in feature. If you cannot see the courses link, your institution has not enabled this feature. Learn how to include your course in the public course index.

  • The Global Activity Stream shows you important recent activities from all of your courses including announcements, discussions, assignments, and conversations. This stream is similar to the Course Activity Stream for an individual course.

    The following activities will cause notifications for each course to appear in the Global Activity Stream:

    • New Announcements
    • Replies to Announcements
    • New Discussions
    • New Discussion Posts
    • New Assignments
    • Assignments, Quizzes, or Discussions Changed from Ungraded to Graded
    • Due Date Changes to Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions
    • New Graded Assignments
    • New Peer Review Assignments
    • New Conversation Messages



    • Notifications in the Global Activity Stream will not appear for activity in Files, Collaborations, Grades, Pages, or Conferences; ungraded quizzes and surveys; or edits to Discussions.
    • Edits to Quizzes and Assignments will only appear in the Global Activity Stream when the Notify users that this content has changed button has been selected in a course.
  • If one of your courses includes a long or confusing name, you can create a nickname for your course to help you organize your Dashboard. Most courses are created using Student Information Systems (SIS) that generate course names based on terms, departments, and section numbers, and courses with similar names may be hard to distinguish.

    Course nicknames appear in the Dashboard, Course Navigation Menu, course breadcrumbs, and notification emails.

    A course nickname does not affect the course name at the account or course level; it only changes the name of the course for the individual user who created the nickname.

    If you need to know the original name of the course, you can hover over the nickname and the original name will appear. You can also restore the original name completely by deleting the nickname. Additionally, the course code is not affected and always displays on the course card for course reference.

    Note: This feature does not currently apply to the global Grades page and Dashboard sidebar elements such as the To Do list.

  • The Calendar iCal feed is located in the sidebar of your Calendar. You can import the iCal feed into any calendar app that accepts the iCal format, such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook, and Yahoo Calendar. You can also download the calendar feed as an ICS file. The calendar feed will contain events and assignments from all of your Canvas calendars.

    Note: All future events, and past events within 30 days, are included when exporting a Canvas calendar to another calendar program.

  • Canvas makes it easy to reply to messages from other users in your Conversations Inbox.

    If you want to reply to a submission comment, you can reply using submission comments in your Inbox or directly from your assignment or quiz.

  • You can add a personal reminder to your own Calendar for an upcoming event.

  • You can get help with Canvas by using the Help menu. The Help menu generates a list of resources to help you with Canvas. Canvas displays links according to roles in all enrollments; for instance, if you are a student who had one courses with an instructor-based role, the Help menu will show you links available to students and instructors.

    This lesson outlines the five default help links that may be included in the Help menu for your institution. However, your institution may customize the Canvas Help menu to hide default links and create custom links as resources.

    Note: Depending on your institution, the Help menu may not be available.

  • Canvas helps you access your groups in the Course Navigation menu. Admins sometimes add instructors to an institutional group. If you do not see any groups listed, you have not been enrolled in a group.

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  • If you do not already have a Canvas account, you need to create an account before you can log in to Canvas.

    If you are using Canvas through your institution, you will most likely already have an account and need to accept a course invitation. Your institution will email your login information. If you do not yet have an account, you can create an account when you accept the course invitation. If your institution is using Canvas and you are having trouble with your account, contact your administrator for assistance.

    If your institution is not using Canvas, you can create your own account, also known as a free-for-teacher account, to create your own courses.

    Note: Free-for-Teacher accounts are always free. However, they do not contain all features available to institutional users of Canvas. Learn more in the Canvas Account Comparison PDF.