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  • Observers may only be able to access certain course files.

  • Personal files include profile pictures and other files uploaded to your personal Canvas file storage area. By default, each user has 50 MB of storage space in Canvas.

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    Hva er konferanser?

    Conferences are primarily used for virtual lectures, virtual office hours, and student groups. They can also be used to demonstrate technologies or troubleshoot technology issues online. Conferences can accommodate up to 50 people. Currently, Canvas integrates with BigBlueButton.

  • The quiz tool is used to create and administer online quizzes and surveys. You can also use quizzes to conduct and moderate exams and assessments, both graded and ungraded. The steps to create quiz content are the same for each quiz type.

  • Grades can serve as a communication tool between students and instructors and allow instructors to track the progress of students.

    The Gradebook stores all information about student progress in the course, measuring both letter grades and course outcomes.

    View an overview video about the Gradebook

  • After logging into Canvas, you can view your current courses. You may also be able to view past and future enrollment courses in Canvas.

    Note: Some institutions may restrict the option to view or access future enrollment courses before the start date and/or access concluded courses after the course has ended.

  • When you are enrolled in more than one Canvas course, you can customize the active courses you want to show in your Course list. Courses you want to show in the Courses drop-down menu are called favorite courses. You can favorite any published course that appears in the My Courses section on the course list page. Course favorites also display in the Dashboard.

    When no courses are favorited, the courses list automatically displays up to 20 courses alphabetically in the drop-down menu. However, once you have selected at least one course as a favorite, only your favorite courses will appear in the Courses list.

    Note: Courses are always listed alphabetically; you cannot reorder your courses manually.

  • If you signed up for a Canvas account as a parent and linked yourself to a student, you can add additional students to observe within the same institution.


    • You cannot add students whose accounts are not within the same institution (Canvas URL) as yours. To observe students in another institution, you must sign up for an account using that institution's Canvas URL.
    • The Observing page does not display names for student accounts added by the institution via SIS import.
    • You can only add students to your account if you signed up for a Canvas account as a parent. If you already have an observer account created by a student's institution, your account is already linked to the student. The option to link to additional students is not available to you.
    • Currently observers cannot remove the students they are observing. To remove a student, please contact the student's instructor.
    • If you are using the Canvas Parent app, students linked in the browser will also have to be linked in the app. Linked accounts do not currently sync between the web browser and the app.