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    Hva er grupper?

    Groups are a small version of a course and used as a collaborative tool where students can work together on group projects and assignments.

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    Hva er ePortfolioer?

    Because ePortfolios are tied to the user Profiles and not a specific course, users can build an unlimited number of ePortfolios in which to collect and document their educational projects, submissions, experiences, and other work products. Users can keep ePortfolios private or share with other students, instructors, and/or future employers.

    In Canvas, ePortfolios remain active as long as the user is in the institution’s SIS and maintains a school login. Canvas also allows users to export ePortfolios to a zip file. ePortfolios can be set to allow private or public access.

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    Hva er konferanser?

    Conferences are primarily used for virtual lectures, virtual office hours, and student groups. They can also be used to demonstrate technologies or troubleshoot technology issues online. Conferences can accommodate up to 50 people. Currently, Canvas integrates with BigBlueButton.

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    Hva er kunngjøringer?

    Announcements allow instructors to communicate with students about course activities and post interesting course-related topics. Announcements are designed to allow instructors to broadcast information out to an entire class. Students may be able to apply to announcements, but replies are not considered to be a conversation and do not appear in the Conversations Inbox.

    View the Announcements Overview video.

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    Hva er Analyser?

    Analytics evaluate individual components of a course and evaluate student performance. Analytics takes a three-pronged approach to creating substantive data for Canvas users.

    • Justification focuses on system reports and how the system is being used.
    • Intervention looks to predict at-risk students and how to meet their needs.
    • Learning focuses on learning outcomes, the effectiveness of the teaching style, and the division of time between students achieving competence and those falling behind.
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  • This is a list of basic computer system requirements to use Canvas. It is always recommended to use the most up-to-date versions and better connections. Canvas will still run with the minimum specifications, but you may experience slower loading times.

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  • Some institutions may enable a feature in Canvas called Profiles. Profiles allows you to update your name, preferred contact methods, and any personal links for your account. Your profile information can be viewed by all users in courses you are observing.

    Note: If you do not see the Profiles tab in your user navigation menu, this feature has not been enabled for your institution.

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  • Canvas includes a set of default notification preferences you can receive for the courses you are observing. Notifications are sent to Canvas contact methods as specified in your account User Settings. However, you can change the default settings by setting your own notification preferences. These preferences only apply to you; they are not used to control how course updates are sent to the student you are observing.

    Some notification may not apply to the observer role. To learn more about each notification, default settings, and notification triggers, view the Canvas Notifications PDF.

    Notifications are sent as one of four delivery types: send right away, daily summary, weekly summary, or don't send. If you change a setting, the change is made immediately to your account.

    Notification settings apply to all courses you are observing; you cannot change settings for individual courses.

    You can reply directly to email notifications outside of Canvas and have the reply appear in Conversations. However, please be aware that attachments added as part of an external reply are not included with the message shown in the Canvas Inbox.

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  • Parents can sign up as an observer in Canvas. Observers can link their Canvas account to their student's account so they can see assignment dues dates, announcements, and other course content. Observers can view the course content but cannot participate in the course.

    This lesson is for parents who do not have a Canvas account and want to observe their students in their courses.

    If you already have an account from your student's institution, log in to Canvas using the credentials given to you.


    • If the registration banner is not available in the login page, the institution has not enabled this feature. Please contact your student's institution for assistance. The registration banner is enabled through Canvas authentication.
    • To observe a student, you must know the student's Canvas username and password.
    • The student must be enrolled in the course and must accept the course invitation before you can sign up to observe the student. If you receive an invalid username or password message during the signup process and the student's credentials are correct, check with the student to verify that he or she has received and accepted the course invitation.
    • Once you have an account, you may be able to view student information through the Canvas Parent app. Access to the Canvas Parent app is controlled by the student's institution. If you already have an account from your student's institution as an observer, you can always view student information through the Canvas Parent app.
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  • The Google Drive web service allows you to integrate Canvas with your Google Drive account. All users can authorize their Google Drive accounts for access to Google collaborations and assignment uploads.

    If you need to create a new Google Drive account, please note that you may experience a delay with the Google integration in Canvas until Google has fully completed the account process.

    Note: For any of your courses, if the Course Navigation Menu includes a Google Drive link, your institution or instructor has enabled a global Google Drive integration. You do not need to enable Google Drive as a web service.

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