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    Hva er kunngjøringer?

    Announcements allow instructors to communicate with students about course activities and post interesting course-related topics. Announcements are designed to allow instructors to broadcast information out to an entire class. Students may be able to apply to announcements, but replies are not considered to be a conversation and do not appear in the Conversations Inbox.

    View the Announcements Overview video.

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    Hva er Analyser?

    Analytics evaluate individual components of a course and evaluate student performance. Analytics takes a three-pronged approach to creating substantive data for Canvas users.

    • Justification focuses on system reports and how the system is being used.
    • Intervention looks to predict at-risk students and how to meet their needs.
    • Learning focuses on learning outcomes, the effectiveness of the teaching style, and the division of time between students achieving competence and those falling behind.
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    Hva er Rubrikker?

    Rubrics are a way to set up custom or Outcome-based assessment criteria for scoring.

    A Rubric is an assessment tool for communicating expectations of quality. Rubrics are typically comprised of rows and columns. Rows are used to define the various criteria being used to assess an assignment. Columns are used to define levels of performance for each criterion.

    View a video about rubrics.

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  • Sometimes there are a few reasons why you cannot access your courses.

    Manual Student guide
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    Hva er Chat?

    The Chat tool in Canvas allows students and teachers to interact in real time.


    • The Chat tool must be enabled for your institution before it can be used in Canvas courses. If you are an admin, contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.
    • Chat is not available when masquerading.
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